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My name is Gábor Károly Tóth. I am located in Vienna, Austria.
I can be contacted by sending me a private message through my linkedIn profile:

Authors, owners of content

The content on is created by me or by other sources that I credit accordingly. I own the rights to the content that I create, including text, design, photos, images, artwork, music, video, or any audiovisual work. If you want to use any of my content, please ask for permission first.

I also use content from other sources that I do not own, such as images, videos, music, or quotes. I always credit the original creators or owners of such content and follow the fair use principles. If you are the owner of any content that I use and you want me to remove or modify it, please contact me and I will act upon your request as soon as possible.

An embedded content or link might also point to an external website, like linkedIn, YouTube, Soundcloud, or any other site, and for such content the authors and owners may be stated on those external sites.

People appearing or performing in audiovisual content

People may appear in the photos, videos, or performers, speakers may be heard in audio content elements. Where this makes sense, and known to me, I state the names of people performing or appearing and describe their roles as a caption or in the surrounding context.

I respect the privacy and rights of the people who appear or mentioned on my site. If you are one of them and you want me to remove or alter any content that features you, please let me know.

Brands, trademarks, logos, names

In the text or any audiovisual content brands, trademarks, logos, names may appear. These belong to their respective owners and I do not claim any affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship by them. I also do not receive any compensation or benefit from them, unless I explicitly state otherwise.

Information accuracy, professional advice, opinions

The content on this website is for general informational purposes only, and does not constitute professional advice. Well, unless it is about my profession.

Apart from that, I might present my opinion about topics in which I am no pro. So, no warranties here, please handle accordingly.

External links

Just like many other sites, my site features links to external sites, too, including embedded items, i.e., pages which are not on territories. I can't control what happens out there. So, if you click a link and end up in a vortex of cat videos, that's on you.

However, if you happen to discover that one of my links does not work, leads you to an unintended site, or gives you a 404, please send me a message, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Further details on technical parts and privacy

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